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Congo Costa Rica

Wooden coffee brewer with mug and bag - Medium

Wooden coffee brewer with mug and bag - Medium

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Wooden coffee brewer with mug and bag

Size: 9.8x7.5x4.7 inches / 25x19x12 cm

Drink Coffee the Costa Rican way!

Still used by many Costa Ricans after two hundred years of tradition, this is our personal coffee brewer, the “CHORREADOR”, very easy to use every time you feel like having a special cup of coffee.

  • Handcrafted/Handmade
  • Costa Rican wood
  • Made in Costa Rica

How to use:

Just place 2 tablespoons of your favorite Costa Rican coffee into the cotton sock, “bolsita” and then pour 6 ounces of boiling water into your cup.  In less than 2 minutes, you will be delighted by the most delicious coffee!

How to maintain:

After each use, rinse out without soap the “bolsita” and let it air dry. It will begin to turn brown and it is expected and totally natural.  Once a week, pour the “bolsita” under salted water and rub it in. Then, pour it well under water to eliminate the salt before letting it dry.

If it starts to look very dirty, replace it, but they can last from three months to three years.

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    Remember your Pura Vida experience at Costa Rica!

    Enjoy the work of art created by our hard working hands at home or with your loved ones...

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